Purple Faeries

Today, we are going to discuss ‘Purple Faeries’. Purple Faeries are the Royal Aristocrats of Faeries.
Aristocrat Faerie www.fineartamerica.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.fineartamerica.com via Yahoo Images
They are ‘Troop Faeries’ that rule ‘Faery Land’ with compassion and understanding.
Faerie Troop www.faefolk.weebly.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.faefolk.weebly.com via Yahoo Images
Faerie Land is a bright, sunny meadow on the slope of a large, rounded hill.
Faerie Land www.faeriemagic.wordpress.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.faeriemagic.wordpress.com via Yahoo Images
The Royal Aristocrats of Faeries live in elegant houses with extravagant dining halls.
Faerie House
Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images
The Solitary and lower Troop Faeries dance and play throughout the meadow.
Dancing Faeries www.thepagesofavalon.blogspot.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.thepagesofavalon.blogspot.com via Yahoo Images
The Royal Aristocrats of Faeries are sometimes called the ‘Seelie Court’. They are the ‘Blessed’ and have a gentle spirit and peaceful quality.
Seelie www.treesandfaery.ning.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.treesandfaery.ning.com via Yahoo Images
Purple Faeries will bestow imagination and fantasy dreams to the ones they choose. They will help with creative thinking and positivity. Purple Faeries will help you find spiritual fulfillment and meaning of life. They are generous and only ask for friendship in return for their favors.
Earth Faerie www.s280.photobucket.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.s280.photobucket.com via Yahoo Images
The Royal Aristocrats of Faeries have visions and a compulsion to help humans improve Earth. They teach one to trust the flow of the Universe. They assist one to become centered and balanced. Purple Faeries bestow security and order to those they choose.
Baby Faeries www.hitupmyspot.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.hitupmyspot.com via Yahoo Images

What are your thoughts on Faeries?

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