White Faeries

Today, we will be discussing ‘White Faeries’. White Faeries are considered to be ‘Good Faeries’. They are full of fun and sunshine.
Sun Faerie www.unamusementpark.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.unamusementpark.com via Yahoo Images
They love water and can often be found residing near a body of water.
White Faerie www.myniceprofile.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.myniceprofile.com via Yahoo Images
White Faeries are ‘Troop Faeries’. They love to dance and participate in ‘Faerie Rings’.
Faerie Ring www.ofearna.us.jpg I
Picture courtesy of http://www.ofearna.us via Yahoo Images
White Faeries teach manners. They tend to live near bridges. They will call out to people crossing the bridge and ask them to dance. If a person refuses to dance, they are thrown into the water.
Bridge Faerie www.abstract.desktopnexus.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.abstract.desktopnexus.com via Yahoo Images
The lovely White Faeries eat the pollen from flowers and lick the dew from green leaves. They love Honeysuckle. The ‘Flower Like’ bodies of the White Faeries, blend well with flowers and bushes.
Bush Faerie www.giftedgedgoblins.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.giftedgedgoblins.com via Yahoo Images
Garden Faerie www.miniature-gardening.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.miniature-gardening.com via Yahoo Images
White Faeries will be there to help you when you are going through a transitional period, new beginnings, or seeking new direction. They will bestow an optimistic and wise nature upon those they choose. White Faeries will bring balance, caution, and sensibility to those who believe.
Flower Faerie www.liveinternet.ru.jpg I
Picture courtesy of http://www.liveinternet.ru via Yahoo Images
They can bestow self-control, confidence, and fairness on a loner.
White Faeries will bring simplicity to your life and re-connect you with childhood fantasies and memories.
Good Faeries www.angelfire.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.angelfire.com via Yahoo Images

What are your thoughts on Faeries?

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