Spring Thunderstorms

I’m running a bit behind this morning due to a severe thunderstorm that hit my area around 4 p.m. yesterday afternoon. The straight line winds, clocked at 78 mph, knocked down two trees in our yard, one a tall pine that spread itself across the roof of our home. Luckily none of the branches came through the ceiling, walls, or windows. We got by with minimal damage. I am thankful.
We lost power at 4 p.m. and it was after midnight before it was back on. I did not sleep well and am moving very slowly this morning, but will try to get my regular posts done before I go down for a nap.
I do not like being behind. It throws my whole routine off. Oh well, I will just stay calm and go with the flow.
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  1. We had severe thunderstorms last night. Our power kept going on and off. My daughter’s power went off and it was a few hours before theirs was finally back on 😀 I stayed up and read until the worst of it was over because I couldn’t sleep with all the racket the wind and rain were making.


      1. I have one of those little book light things that I had beside so I was prepared for if the lights stayed off at my house, they didn’t. We just kept getting power surges. My daughter’s lights stayed off for about 3 hours.


      1. Scary, scary!! I’ll take my earthquakes any day of the week thank you… they are just as unexpected and without warning I guess, but they just seem less scary for some reason. Probably just because that’s what I grew up with.


  2. We had one of those go through here last fall and split a large poplar tree in the yard. Thankfully it just ended up leaning against the side of the house, no damage. It’s really amazing the power of the wind…no wonder we are striving to harness it.


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