Daily Prompt: Menagerie

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

I have 2 Rat Terriers that are house dogs, 1 kitten that stays in the house, and 1 cur dog that stays outside. I love them all and they are very important to me; part of the family. The oldest one is a female Rat Terrier that I’ve had since December 2000. She is getting on up in years now, but still gets around good.

I cannot find any pictures of my dogs at this time, but I do have one of kitty that was taken by a friend with her cell phone. Does that count? Kitty is about 6 months old now, but in the picture she is only about 8 weeks old.
Cat My sweet Kitty


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20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Menagerie

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  1. Even though they would like to have animals in their lives, some people probably should not.
    Those who travel a lot because of their work, are often gone more than they are home.
    Of course, they can hire pet sitters or board their pets a lot.
    But if a person knows that he or she is going to be spending a great deal of time away from home—I personally don’t understand why he/she would bring an animal home.
    We have two Siamese cats. They are like children.


    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I agree with you. Animals need love, attention, and care. They should not live with people who travel or people who are away from home a lot. 🙂


    1. Thank you. She still has beautiful eyes that I can get lost in, but they are no longer innocent. Kitty has turned into a half-grown Queen that rules with stiff nails and strong teeth. 🙂


  2. that kitten is adorable. By any chance, she’s not deaf, is she? I rescued a white kitten once & came to realize she was deaf (and was later told that is a genetic characteristic among them). Admittedly, I never researched it any further than that, as we did find her owners & it was fun to reunite them (as well as fun to have her put our house in an uproar for a few days, as my doberman didn’t know what to make of her – gladly, not a meal!).


  3. Two cats and a rabbit…all of which want to visit while I’m on the laptop. Thankfully the rabbit hasn’t figured out how to jum onto my desk yet. She’s mastered the couches, chairs, and the coffee table though (only one attempt on the coffee table…too slippery and almost shot off the other side).


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