This week I’m going to post about Faeries. I’ve had the idea and wanted to do it for several days now. If I had any hesitation, it was whisked away this morning when The Daily Post, Daily Prompt, (Found at:, asked us to post 6 Impossible things we believed in. My first answer was Faeries!
Yellos Fairy I
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I have always loved Faeries, and fancied myself, when I was younger, that I could see them flitting about and even talk to them. I still talk to them, but my eyes no longer see them.
The old French word, Faerie, means the land of enchantment. I prefer the spelling of Faerie, because there is a special magick to it, (Yes, I prefer the spelling of old Magick too),.
Buttercup Faery I
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There are the ‘Trooping Faeries’ that live in Bands. There are ‘Lone Faeries’ that prefer to live in solitude. All Faeries possessed magickal powers. Sometimes, a Faery would gift a person with luck, foresight, or healing. They are always charming, delightful, and enchanting. Faeries are Nature Spirits and live in caves, the forest, or meadowlands.
We are going to start the week discussing ‘Yellow Faeries’ for ‘Monday Mellow Yellows’.
The Yellow Faerie brings happiness and joy. She is the warm sunshine. She is fresh and perky. She is an Earthy Faerie, bringing balance to all she favors.
Faery Yellow
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