Daily Prompt: Show and Tell

You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice. Describe your presentation.

My topic is Reading.

I would read a book to the children, ask them some fun questions, and give them a simple activity to do.

I used to do this for a living and am still a big advocate for learning to read and make reading fun. I worked with so many 7th – 12th graders who could not read. No wonder they were making bad grades. They could not read and study their material. This is another big ‘Soap Box’ of mine, but I will try to refrain from stepping up on the box.

There was, and probably still is, a wonderful reading program called, ‘Motheread’. I loved this program because it not only taught reading skills and made reading fun, but each book often touched on some form of teaching tolerance, manners, proper behavior, etc…

The children loved it and I hope that some of it stuck in some of them.

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  1. Reading is underrated. It is sad to know that children are still not being shown enough attention in this area. I have many friends that do not enjoy reading, to each their own but I wish they grew up in an environment that showed them that it is wonderful thing.


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