Happy Green Day!. The sun is shining and it is supposed to hit 70 degrees Farenheit today. It’s like the first day of spring. The world is starting to look very Green.
This week we have been discussing shades and hues of color. There are many shades and hues of Green. It is a pervasive color found in nature.

Some examples of green hues include: Inchworm Green, Lawn Green, Bright Green, Pastel Green, Pistachio Green, Camouflage Green, Dark Olive Green, and more.

inchworm www.piedmontwildlifecenter.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.piedmontwildlifecenter.com via Yahoo Images

Grass www.depostiphotos.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.depostiphotos.com via Yahoo Images

Bright Green www.123rf.com I
Picture courtesy of http://www.123rf.com via Yahoo Images

Pastel Green www.gravity-fashion.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.gravityfashion.com via Yahoo Images

Pistachio www.color.wikia.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.colorwikia.com via Yahoo Images

Olive green earrings www.etsy.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.etsy.com via Yahoo Images

What is your favorite green hue?

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