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Prompts for the Promptless – Ep. 4 – Wu Wei
Posted on 03/12/2013 by rarasaur
Prompts for the Promptless
Prompts for the Promptless” was created to expand minds, share ideas, and — equally importantly — find something about which to blog.
Every episode will run for a week and feature a “concept”, complete with a super-simplified definition and suggested prompts.
Then it’s your turn– use a prompt, create your own, write a poem, post a picture, tell a story, or do whatever you feel inspired to do.
•Everyone is welcome to be Prompted.
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Wu wei, or non-doing, is a Taoist practice involving letting one’s action follow the simple and spontaneous course of nature rather than interfering with the harmonious working of universal law by imposing arbitrary and artificial forms. In other words, it is the action of non-action.

“As the planets revolve around the sun, they “do” this revolving, but without “doing” it. As trees grow, they simply grow without trying to grow. Thus knowing how and when to act is not knowledge in the sense that one would think, “now I should do this,” but rather just doing it, doing the natural thing. The goal of spiritual practice for the human being is, according to Laozi, the attainment of this natural way of behaving.” – Wikipedia

Learn more at Wikipedia :
Learn more at Merriam Webster :

Suggested Prompts:

•Share a picture of something that represents uncontrived growth or movement
•Discuss your favorite example of wu wei in nature
•Consider, develop, or discuss the role of wu wei on society
•Write a poem about the harmonious working of universal law
•Share a story about wu-wei in your own life
•… or make up your own prompt related to the theme!


The flowing of the seasons is my favorite example of wu wei in nature. I have always loved the different seasons and what they bring to my life. Spring is one of my favorite seasons. Spring meant that school was near the end, cool mornings and warmer afternoons, the freshness of the air, flowers everywhere, and my birthday would be coming soon.
Then Summer would come and I would be outside all day; riding my bike, going to the pool, exploring in the woods, or just sitting and listening to summer sounds while soaking up some sun. As I’ve grown older the heat gets to me more and I find myself running for the air conditioner.
The first few chills of Fall feel so good! Then there are the colors; beautiful! Fall brings warm days and cool nights. I love the musky, earthy scent of Fall. Fall is my other favorite seasons. Fall means bonfires, football, frost, raking leaves, pumpkins, and Halloween.
Then comes the harshness of Winter. The first freeze, the first snow, food, and family. I love the scents of turkey cooking, apple pies, pumpkin pies, sweet potato casseroles, and all sorts of goodies. The sound of the fireplace crackling, and the scent of wood burning. The closeness of family. As I grow older, the cold hurts, my joints ache, and I just want to hibernate inside like a bear.
So goes the flow of the seasons along with the flow of life. Wu Wei.

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Thanks for watching Prompts for the Promptless!

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  1. Seasons are a great example of wu wei. They don’t focus on changing, and they change regardless of our efforts to the contrary– they flow seamlessly into each other. Beautiful post and thank you for participating!! 😀


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