White does not have a hue. White does contain all the wavelengths of visible light, but has no absorption, just maximum brightness. There are, however, shades of white.
Shade is the mixture of a color with black, which reduces the lightness and brightness. Today, we are going to be mixing black with white to form some White Shades of color.
Some White Shades include: Antique White, Beige, Cream, Eggshell, Ivory, Pearl, Snow, Vanilla, and many more.
What is your favorite Shade of White?

Bookcase Antique White www.liliesforkate.blogspot.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.liliesforkate.blogspot.com via Yahoo Images

I love bookcases, no matter what color they are! I never seem to have enough bookcases. 🙂

Beige Wallpaper www.fabricsandpapers.com I
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Cat Cream www.win7wallpapers.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.win7wallpapers.com via Yahoo Images

Beautiful Cat!

Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images

Ivory tie www.cheap-neckties.com I
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Photo courtesy of Yahoo Images

Snow Jean-Pierre Piechot www.images.yahoo.com II
Photo courtesy of Jean Pierre Piechot http://www.images.yahoo.com via Yahoo Images

Vanilla Table Cover www.wallyspartyfactory.com I
Photo courtesy of http://www.wallyspartyfactory.com via Yahoo Images

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