Mellow Yellows

This week I will be talking about colors and their hues. Since it’s Monday, we will start with Yellow. First let’s talk a little bit about hue. What is hue? Hue is one of the main properties of a color; other properties include: appearance, brightness, lightness, and saturation.

Colors with the same hue as yellow include: pastel yellow, daffodil, lemon, canary yellow, corn, dandelion, golden yellow, titanium yellow, and many more. There are Orange-Yellow and Green-Yellow hues. We will discuss mixed color ranges and hues at a later date.

Pastel Yellow Mary Janes www.moose-mouse-creations.blogs
Pastel Yellow Mary Janes
Photo courtesy of http://www.moose-mouse-creations.blogs via Yahoo Images

Photo courtesy Yahoo Images

Photo courtesy Yahoo Images

Canary I
Photo courtesy via Yahoo Images

Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Golden Yellow Mountain I
Golden Yellow on the Mountain
Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Car Keys Titanium I
Titanium Yellow Car Keys
Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images

What is your favorite Yellow hue Color?

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  1. Very nice. I am glad my colouring pages are useful, and hope everyone enjoys colouring the clock tower, or any of the other pictures. I’m wondering which bit of the clock tower will be bright yellow! Love to see the finished work! ~WilderSoul


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