This week I will be talking about colors and their hues. Since it’s Monday, we will start with Yellow. First let’s talk a little bit about hue. What is hue? Hue is one of the main properties of a color; other properties include: appearance, brightness, lightness, and saturation.

Colors with the same hue as yellow include: pastel yellow, daffodil, lemon, canary yellow, corn, dandelion, golden yellow, titanium yellow, and many more. There are Orange-Yellow and Green-Yellow hues. We will discuss mixed color ranges and hues at a later date.

Pastel Yellow Mary Janes www.moose-mouse-creations.blogs
Pastel Yellow Mary Janes
Photo courtesy of http://www.moose-mouse-creations.blogs via Yahoo Images

Photo courtesy Yahoo Images

Photo courtesy Yahoo Images

Canary I
Photo courtesy via Yahoo Images

Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Golden Yellow Mountain I
Golden Yellow on the Mountain
Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Car Keys Titanium I
Titanium Yellow Car Keys
Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images

What is your favorite Yellow hue Color?

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