World’s first GM Babies Born A Rise Earth Article Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are scientists ways of trying to play gods by artificially tinkering and combining genes of species. If done in harmony with nature and equip with the right knowledge, experimenting with genes of species is not harmful to the integrity of their genes. The problem with modern... Continue Reading →


Today, for Brown Day, I want to talk about the gemstone, Tigers Eye. Tigers Eye comes from a type of Quartz. It is one of the chatoyant gemstones, that includes: Malachite, Jade, Obsidian, and more. Tigers Eye is a semi-precious stone. The name, Tigers Eye, comes from the Greek term psudomorph, which means 'false form'.... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Playlist of the Week

Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of five songs that represent it. 1. Monday Monday 2. Tuesday Afternoon 3. Wednesday Morning 3 A.M. 4. Thursdays Child 5. Friday 6. Saturday in the Park 7. Sunday Bloody Sunday After looking back at the Daily... Continue Reading →

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