Happy Women’s Day!

Today, March 8, is ‘Happy International Women’s Day To All Women’. All women are pretty influential, don’t you think? We may not all be internationally known, but we are influential to someone. πŸ™‚

I wanted to do a list of ‘The Most Influential Women’ in my life. Here’s my Top Ten!

1. My maternal grandmother: Myrtle Shirley Richey Born: 20 April, 1906 Died: 22 October, 1995
She was the light of my world! A piece of me went with her when she passed. She named me when I was born.
Myrtle 1956
This photo was taken in 1956, before I was even born. It is my favorite picture of my Grandma! She was a classy lady. She prided herself on her ability to correctly pronounce and know the meanings of words. I got my love of words from her. She carried her dictionary every where she went, and read it religiously. That dictionary was my Grandma’s Bible.

2. My paternal grandmother: Dovie aka Granny. Still going strong at age 95. She is very dear to me! She taught me a lot and I will never forget. She was tough and stout in her younger years. She birthed seven children and taught them all she knew about survival as they grew up. Three of her boys were close in age to me, so we grew up like brothers and sister. One of the three is actually a year younger than me. Life was very hard to my Granny. She loves all the doting she gets now. She lives part time with my Dad and part time with her youngest daughter. She misses living on her own, but understands that this is best.
Dovie at 90th Birthday
This picture was made on her 90th Birthday.

3. My mom: We have been through a lot together and she has grown stronger. I used to hold her hand, now she holds mine.
Mom I

4. Barbara Streisand: I was 9-years-old when I first saw the movie, ‘Funny Girl’. I fell in love with Barb during that movie and have loved her ever since. I love all her movies. I love all her music. I read about her when I get a chance. A very classy lady to me.
220px-Streisand_-_agency_photo Wikipedia I
Photo courtesy Wikipedia

5. Louisa May Alcott: Born: 29 November, 1832 Died: 6 March, 1888
Somewhere around the age of 9, I read ‘Little Women’. It had an immediate influence on me. I loved her books and read everything I could get my hands on, that she had written. I still have some of her books today.
Louisa_May_Alcott_headshot Wikipedia
Photo courtesy Wikipedia

6. Gloria Steinem: Gloria influenced all my actions as a young woman. I’m most thankful to her for her role as spokeswoman during the ‘Women’s Liberation Movement’. She influenced my interest in journalism and writing.
220px-Gloria_Steinem_at_news_conference,_Women's_Action_Alliance,_January_12,_1972 wikipedia
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

7. Helen Gurley Brown: Born: 18 February, 1922 Died: 13 August, 2012 Editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan Magazine
Helen and her magazine, Cosmopolitan, had a huge influence on me. She taught me everything I was never told about sex. She encouraged women to be all they could be and how to do it in a sexy way. Helen taught women that they could have careers and family.
220px-Helen_Gurley_Brown_1964 I
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

8. Jane Fonda: Jane didn’t influence me with her activism or her acting. No, Jane hit me with her ‘Jane Fonda Workout’ album. She taught me how to ‘feel the burn’ and influenced me on fitness.
220px-Jane_Fonda_Cannes_nineties wikipedia I
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

9. Anne Rice: I fell in love with Anne Rice when I first read ‘Interview with a Vampire’. Her writing was so descriptive; it seemed as though I had fallen into the book and was right there. Of course, I read the entire ‘Vampire Chronicles’. Then there were the ‘Mayfair Witches’. Again, her descriptive writing made me feel as though I was walking the streets of New Orleans. I own an extensive Anne Rice Collection. My dream is to write as descriptive as Anne.
220px-Anne_Rice wikipedia
Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

10. Barbara Walters: What can I say about this lady? Wow! I’m sure she has touched a lot of people’s lives. She has been very influential to me as a journalist, a host, and a writer. I truly believe that there is nothing this lady cannot accomplish and she does it with such ease, gracefulness, and sincerity. What’s not to love?
220px-Barbara_Walters_2011 wikipedia
Photo Courtesy of Wikipedia

There are many more influential ladies in my life. I could probably write a list of 100, but alas, time is getting away from me. I will give a shout out to some of my influential lady writers: Agatha Christie, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Iris Johansson, Nora Roberts, Patricia Cornwell, Sandra Brown, Tess Gerritsen, and many, many more.

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