Today we are going to talk about the Black Onyx. Onyx is the Greek word for ‘claw or fingernail’. Onyx is a variety of quartz, called chalcedony. The quartz contains a band of colors that range from white to black. During the Victorian era, the word onyx became black onyx exclusively. Black Onyx is a semi-precious stone.

Black Onyx I
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Black Onyx is associated with concentration, courage, protection, self-control, stamina, and strength. The ancients believed Black Onyx contained healing properties. It was believed that Black Onyx could aid in healing skin problems. Even today, the ‘American Gem Society’ holds to the idea that Black Onyx can help control the emotions. It is believed to increase self-mastery and help one overcome emotional upheavals associated with change. The semi-precious stone helps one detach from negative emotions and to let go of negative people, negative places, and/or negative things.

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According to ‘Sobriety Stones’, Black Onyx is associated with the Root Chakra. The semi-precious stone is often used in meditation to help one detach from negative emotions, negative people, negative place, and/or negative things.

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Black Onyx is one of my personal favorites. Wear some Black Onyx jewelry and enjoy!

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