Today we are going to talk about the Emerald. The name Emerald comes from the Latin word, smaragdus, meaning green gem. Along with Diamonds, Rubies, and Sapphires, Emerald is considered one of the four precious stones. Emerald is a form of the hard mineral, beryl. Emeralds are mined in Columbia, Egypt, Africa, South America, and many other places.

Emerald I
Photo courtesy via Yahoo Images

In ancient times, people were fascinated by the exquisite beauty of the Emerald. It was believed that the Emerald contained healing and magical powers. They were believed to be a cure for many diseases, heighten fertility, and refresh vision. The ancient Greeks believed the Emerald would bring goodness into one’s life, bestow intelligence and honesty upon the wearer, and promote creativity. The Emerald was thought to help express adoration, devotion, and love.

Emeralds were a symbol of power and wealth, and thought to influence every kind of business. I wonder if that is where green money comes from? 🙂

It is my birthstone, and I have always worn it in one fashion or another.

Emerald Ring I
Photo courtesy of via Yahoo Images

Wear some Emerald jewelry and enjoy!

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