Daily Prompt: Perspective

Write about the last disagreement you had with a friend or family member — from their perspective.

Susan just couldn’t believe her mom had sent those emails to her daughters. Santa Claus had brought the two girls Laptops for Christmas. She had set each girl up with an email account so they could communicate with their MeeMaw, who lived an hour away.

The girls decided they wanted a way to chat live with their MeeMaw, so Susan set them up on Google +. Susan’s mom already had a Google + account, so she just added her 2 daughters in her mom’s circle.

Dana, her oldest daughter, had come to her asking some questions about what are chakra’s? and who was Walela? and what was turquoise? and who was the Dalai Lama?

“What are you talking about?” Susan asked Dana.

“It was some stuff Meemaw emailed me.”

Susan became infuriated. She asked to see Dana’s emails. She saw that MeeMaw had replied to some of Dana’s emails. Her mom knew that she did not want her daughter’s exposed to this kind of stuff; she knew that Susan was raising her children as Baptist. She quickly popped off an email to her mom that said, “Please remove Dana and Alicia from any newsletters and posts that you have coming to their email. I would prefer them not receiving stuff like that. Email them with messages directly from you all day but not with stuff like that. I wish you would have asked me first if that would be ok before you started sending anything like that to them. Dana came to me asking what some of it was and what it meant. That is how I realized you had them on some sort of email post. I do not want that for them.”

Her mom replied: “What are you talking about? They joined me on Google. That may be where it came from. I will see if I can remove them. Sorry, but I didn’t mean to send them anything.”

Susan, still angry, replied, “There are posts that have your name on them and said you shared this post with Dana. Messages from the Dali Lama, history of American Indians. Several things like that.”

“Yes, that is Google. They invited me, per your permission, so that we could chat. I checked and couldn’t find a place to remove them, but I will not post anything on Google anymore.”

“I wasn’t aware that chatting with you meant having to read anything you posted. I just thought they could instant message with you. You know I don’t like that kind of stuff. They have no business reading most of that.”

“Geez, I said I was sorry. It was not intentional.”

Susan was thinking that her mom had intentionally went behind her back and found a way around her. She wanted to hurt her mom and knew the exact spot to hit.

She replied, “And actually what I thought they sent you was an invitation for email through Google. I do not spend my whole day on a computer so I do not know that an invitation from Google gave you permission to expose my children to things that you are already aware that I do not approve of.”

“Sorry, I wasn’t aware they could read what I posted, either. I would never post anything that I knew they could see. It will not happen again.”

“You knew they were seeing it because Dana had replied to some of it. Or at least it looked like you were responding to her. I have already muted you on Google so that the posts will stop. Email them personally all you want. I thought that was what was going on anyway. I am sorry. You may not have realized that they were coming, but it looked like to me you had found a way around me to expose them to what you want them exposed to and not just what I expose them to. Made me mad.”

“I would never do that. I thought you knew this. Sometimes I think you don’t know me at all and why you always think the worse of me is beyond me. You have hurt me more than anyone throughout the years. Everything is not my fault. I tried my best to be a good mama and grandmother.
Dana did email me about a turquoise necklace she liked and about Walela the cd. I was not aware that you didn’t want them seeing anything Native American. The other yes, it just never occurred to me that they were seeing everything.
Again, I will say I’m sorry.
Please don’t automatically assume I’m trying to do something wrong without asking me first. Your attack on me was not justified.”

“I don’t know who you are anymore. You are not the same person that I grew up with. I am sorry that I hurt you but I refuse to tiptoe around you and tell you everything is ok. That does not work for me anymore and it does not do you any good either. We have talked about this. I had a very bad day yesterday. I was worn out by the time I got home and here was Dana saying, “why does MeeMaw keep sending me this stuff.” I was mad!
I do not mind my children learning about Native Americans. But, I do not want it pushed on them as a current way of life.”

Her mom did not reply. Susan was still angry, but she had taken care of it, by blocking her daughters from their MeeMaw on Google. She felt a smug satisfaction that she had hurt and angered her mom.

Now, from mom’s point of view, I am posting links to the Google posts that were in question.

Scroll down to January 16, 2013 post and view up from that post to the February 4, 2012 post.


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