Candle Powered Space Heater

Candle Powered Space Heater Makes Heat from a Candle Flame
Posted by Fyrelight

Something I never thought of. Good to know.

Candle Heater

This is a simple ingenious device that harvests the normally lost thermal energy of a candle flame (or an electric light bulb).

The multi-core steel and ceramic radiator absorbs and concentrates the thermal energy of the candle and converts it into dry radiant space heat. Internal temperatures are over 500 deg. Fahrenheit and typical surface temperatures are 160-180 deg. F. You actually get heat into your home or office from a candle, and as long as the candle is burning, the heat is being produced.

The Kandle Heeter tm Candle Holder is handmade by cottage industry in Northern California and has been in production for 4 years, over 1,000 are out there working away at keeping the chill off in homes and offices across America, . . . and in Canada, Scotland, England, Greece, and even one in Australia. There are no moving parts, nothing to wear out or replace.

The inventor, Doyle Doss (me), even has detailed instructions on how to make one on the website, “It is not particularly difficult to make,” says I, “until you try and make the stand.” The three legged solid steel single piece stand is a work of art in itself. It is naturally finished in rust that has been sealed with a coating of linseed oil. “In the old days,” says I, “a blacksmith would dip his finished horseshoe in linseed oil and then throw it onto the stack. Linseed oil creates a polymerized coating as it dries, the molecules actually interlock and seal.”

And it really works! That is the amazing thing! And it is made in America.

An “electric candle” was developed for 2008. It is a ceramic lamp holder cemented to a ceramic saucer with 8 foot cord and switch. The electric candle harvests the “wasted” heat from an incandescent light bulb and drives the radiator assembly to temperatures even hotter than a candle on 60 watts. You can burn a 60 watt lamp for 10 hours for 6 cents (@ .10KWh) — now that is pretty cheap.

If you burn candles, this is really a “no-brainer” kind of thing. Or if you would like to have just a little heat in the bedroom all night, check out the infra-red electric candle option. There is a plethora of information on the website, plus info on other energy/environment products that are effective, efficient, low-tech and available now (not 10 years from now).

And if you are into hummingbirds you have got to check out the Wearable Hummingbird Feeder. Hummingbirds feed right in front of your eyes, right between your eyes, you can actually see their tongues sucking up the sugar water. Be sure to watch the movie!

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