Monthly Peace Challenge: Marching towards Forgiveness
Feb27 by Kozo

This week I’m going to ask you to leave your comfort zones for peace.
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“Forgiveness is the fragrance that the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.”–Mark Twain

This month I challenge you to post about forgiveness. Publish a post that exemplifies the power of forgiveness.
•Is there someone you need to forgive? Why not do it in a post for peace?
•Has someone forgiven you for your trespasses? Share how this act of forgiveness changed your life.
•Do you know a powerful story/song/film/poem about forgiveness? Share it here or create a new one.
•Photographers and artists feel free to post pieces that mean forgiveness to you.
•How about a tribute to a role model of forgiveness?

As long as you are dealing with any aspect of forgiveness in your post, you are meeting the challenge–even if your post is why you find it hard to forgive.

Forgive Yourself by D. B. Mauldin

The person I need to forgive is myself. It’s not easy. I have been working on this, in one aspect or another, for 40 years. I feel closer than I ever have before, but I’m still dragging a lot of baggage with me. I’ve tried talking with family about this, but they don’t want to talk or hear about it. Even my therapists, (I’ve had many), tend to shy away from the subject that I feel is my biggest problem. My new therapist, that I’ve been seeing for a couple of years now, gave it a name; Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. She doesn’t want me to talk about it though, “That would be regression,” she says.

She wants me to move forward or at least stay in the present moment. I have not been able to move forward, but find I’m quiet comfortable staying in the present moment; but the ache in my heart is still there, the weight on my shoulders is still there. How do I overcome this? How do I let go of the guilt and forgive myself?

I have read all the self-help books, listened to a lot of tapes, and actively participated with what my therapist suggests; all to no avail. So, is this the way life is supposed to work? Is it not possible to get over something like this? I don’t want to believe these things, so I keep trying to let go and move forward.

I have been able to forgive others, release the grudges I carried, and moved on from that. I’m very empathetic and can listen to and try to help others. Why is it so hard to forgive myself?

I’m a firm believer that peace must come from inside; that one must be completely at peace with oneself. How can I send out peace and love to others, but not to myself? I don’t yet know the answer to these questions, but I will keep ‘Marching towards Forgiveness’.

In the meantime, I will send peace and love to all!

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