Prompts for the Promptless

“Prompts for the Promptless” was created to expand minds, share ideas, and — equally importantly — find something about which to blog.

Prompts for the Promptless

Every episode will run for a week and feature a “concept”, complete with a super-simplified definition and suggested prompts.
Then it’s your turn– use a prompt, create your own, write a poem, post a picture, tell a story, or do whatever you feel inspired to do.
•Everyone is welcome to be Prompted.
•Tag your posts with “ForThePromptless” so others can find you.
•Link back to this post so I can find you. If you do that, and give me a day, you’ll find your link in this post and my sidebar. And anywhere else I can put it to promote your involvement!
•You may participate as many times as you’d like.

The 11th Possibility is the idea that, regardless of data to the contrary, something unexpected and outside the realm of ordinary thought is always potentially around the corner.

It was Friday, 6:00 p.m. Diane punched out on her time-card and began the four block walk to her apartment. She had a dinner date at 7:00 p.m. He was a new guy she had met briefly at Cynthia’s wedding; a friend of Cynthia’s husband, Charles. His name was Fred something. He had asked her out for dinner. She accepted.

Diane approached her apartment building. George, the Doorman, looked at her. George was naturally friendly and had always greeted her with, “Good Afternoon, Miss Diane. I hope you have had a good day,” as he punched in her apartment number and the great doors opened wide.

Today, however, something was off kilter. George just looked at her like he had never seen her before. “Excuse me, miss, can I help you with something.”

“George, it’s me Diane. I need to get to my apartment.”

“Miss Diane? Are you here to visit someone?” George asked as he looked down at the visitor’s sheet. “I’m sorry. I don’t have a Miss Diane on roll as a visitor. Who is it you wish to visit and I will contact them for you.”

“Come on George, stop fooling around. I’m Miss Diane and my apartment number is 667. I’m kind of in a hurry. Please just let me in George.”

Again George looked at a sheet. “I’m sorry. There is another name listed for apartment 667. Could your apartment be under a different number?”

“No, George, I….”

“Oh wait. Here it is. Miss Diane in apartment 666. Hmmm, you must be a new tenant. I usually know all the tenant’s by face and name.”

Diane started to argue with George, but decided to just keep her mouth shut and get inside. The great doors opened wide and Diane let out a sigh of relief as she stepped into her apartment building. She got on an elevator and pushed 6 for her floor. She exited the elevator, turned left at the corner, walked to her apartment, 667, and inserted the key. Nothing happened. She tried the key again. Still nothing. “Okay maybe I am wrong about my apartment number,” she thought to herself as she walked to apartment 666. Before she could insert her key, the door to apartment 667 opened and a man stepped outside.

Diane gasped as she saw Fred standing there. Finally things were making a little sense. “Oh, Hi Fred,” she said, but Fred just looked at her, kind of like George had. She stepped a little closer thinking maybe he couldn’t see her very well. “I’m Diane. We met at Cynthia and Charles’ wedding, remember. In fact, I think we have a date tonight.”

Fred continued to stare at her. “I don’t know what you are talking about. I’ve never seen you before in my life. Who are Charles and Cynthia?”

Diane began to laugh and leaned into the wall for support. “Okay, okay. Jokes over. You all got me; got me real good. Cynthia? Charles? You can come out of hiding. Jokes over.”

Nobody came out of hiding. Fred was now looking at her like she had lost her mind. “Perhaps I have,” Diane thought.

“Maybe I should call security,” Fred mumbled.

“No! No wait. I can explain.” Diane told Fred her story. Fred nodded and seemed to be thinking of what to do next.

“Well, first let’s see if your key fits in 666.”

Diane nodded numbly. At this point she was willing to try anything. She walked back to apartment 666, put her key in and turned. She heard a click and the apartment door opened. Diane stepped inside. “This looked like her apartment and there was Buttons, her cat, coming to greet her,” she thought.

“Is this your apartment?” Fred asked.

“It appears to be.”

“Okay, well, have a good night.” said Fred as he turned and headed back to his apartment.

Diane shut and locked her apartment door. She walked into the kitchen and fed Buttons, as she purred at her feet. She walked around the apartment checking everything. Her bed was unmade as she had left it. The towel from her morning shower still lay in the floor where she had left it. She walked back into the kitchen, opened her refrigerator. Again, everything was as it should be. She grabbed a beer from the refrigerator. The thought that today might be Friday the 13th crossed her mind. Diane looked over at the calendar hanging on the kitchen wall. No, it wasn’t Friday the 13th. It was Friday the 11th.

“For the Promptless”

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  1. Definitely an 11th possibility!! If it happened to me, it would no doubt take several hours just to be sure it wasn’t a joke, yikes! 🙂 Loved this! Very well-wrtten 😀 Thanks for participating in Prompts for the Promptless!


    1. Thank you for your comments. I love participating. 🙂 I’m thinking I might take the post and turn it into a short story, I thought of a lot of things to add, but I was limited in time.


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