Sisterhood-In-The-World-Bloggers Award

Thanks to Opalla (OpallaonTrails) for awarding me my 1st Sisterhood-In-The-World-Bloggers Award! Give her a visit at:

Now to unveil the Award:
sisterhood-of-the-world-bloggers-award I
Isn’t she a beauty? I will proudly post her on my Awards page.

7 Things About Myself:
1. I used to play the piano, but haven’t touched one in years.
2. I was editor of my High School NewsPaper.
3. I wrote, published, and deposited a Newsletter for the Alabama Band of Cherokees for several years, until my failing health would not allow me to continue.
4. I wrote, published, and deposited a Newsletter for Homeless Students and their Families until I had to resign from work due to failing health.
5. I used to dance at Pow-Wow’s, and still do if I’m having a good day.
6. Hopefully, in 3 weeks, I will know the sex of my soon-to-be 6th grandchild. (I’m hoping for a boy. We already have 4 girls and 1 boy. I think it’s time to balance it out a little.)
7. I have two Rat Terrier’s and one 4 month old kitten living with me.

Now, to pass the award on to 7 Sisters:
1. Cheri Speak at:
2. Kelly at:
3. Soul-in-Progress at:
4. K8edid at:
5. Catherine at:
6. Lorraine at:
7. AR Neal at:

I hope you all will accept and enjoy!

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