Laugh Out Loud and Live a Better Life

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Laugh out Loud and Live a Better Life

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In today’s fast paced world, a lot of women often find themselves caught up with their careers and commitments. Some work so hard to the point of exhaustion, leaving them depressed, discontented, and even angry. In this age of computers and high technology, there is a simple method to a better and healthier life that’s been around since ancient times. It gives us better health, better relationships, and better lives: it’s called laughter.

What exactly are the benefits of laughter? It has been said many times before that laughter is the best medicine, and numerous studies have shown this saying to be true. Laughter improves one’s sense of well-being and state of mind. It is also shown to improve our physical health in a number of ways.

Laughter helps to remove stress by causing the release of natural pain killers in the body. When we laugh out loud, substances such as endorphins and adrenaline are released which result in a natural high, making you feel good about yourself. Humor also helps in improving your creativity and memory. Our minds can easily retain information when we associate it with something hilarious. That is why humor is a tool that is often used by advertisers, teachers and parents. Learning becomes fun when it is laced with humor, and for parents, it is a highly effective way of teaching and dealing with their children.

Laughter also helps us to view ourselves and our environment differently. Humor allows us to unlock our minds more, which aids not only our memory, but our creative mind as well. It lets us be more open to fresh ideas, making us more innovative and artistic. In the process, our sense of well being improves considerably.

The numerous health benefits we get when we laugh out loud are significant. Recent studies have shown that hearty laughter is good for, well, the heart. When we laugh, the tissue in our blood vessels expands. Our blood circulation increases, which helps in lessening the risk of heart disease, especially atherosclerosis.

Furthermore, when we laugh, our pulse rate and blood pressure increases slightly. After the laughter subsides, the blood pressure actually goes lower then the original level. A good amount of laughter also serves as an effective and pleasurable massage, affecting the muscles in our face and abdomen.

Laughter also helps aid our immune system. When we laugh, there is an increase in cells that kill tumor and viruses. With a (literally) healthy dose of humor, our immune system is more balanced and our body is more protected. Aside from the fact that laughter lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation, it increases blood oxygenation, allowing the body to be more effective in healing itself. Laughter helps in speeding up one’s recovery and recuperation from sickness or injury.

Laughter is in fact similar to an actual aerobic workout. It might not seem like your usual gym fitness routine, but laughter affects the body similarly. It improves your relaxation and boosts your energy. When we laugh out loud, we are forced to breathe deeply. Oxygen intake is increased, similar to exercising. Energy is built up as more fresh oxygen is introduced to the body. Breathing deeply after a vigorous laugh results in deep relaxation after the body settles down.

When we work out, we exercise our muscles, and in the process we reduce mental and physical stress. The mechanism of laughter is similar. During vigorous laughter, muscles in the abdomen contract while breathing increases. Afterwards, the body is immensely calm and stress-free. You may have noticed when you laugh out loud how similar it is to doing abdominal crunches or sit-ups.

The use of humor and laughter as a healing tool has been around for many years. From tribal shamans wearing colorful and funny costumes to medical doctors who engage in funny antics, it has been a longtime practice to inject laughter in the healing process.

The benefits of laughter go even further. By improving our physical and mental well-being, laughter also helps in building better relationships with others. It is an excellent tool for social bonding. It makes people closer and stronger by uniting them and helping them cope with adversity. It fosters camaraderie not only among friends and family, but even among strangers.

Companies and offices where an atmosphere of humor is present usually perform better and more consistently. They are more organized, and more equipped to handle stressful situations. Because laughter improves one’s creativity, problems that are encountered at work are solved more easily. Laughter is also a very helpful tool for communication by aiding in the exchange of ideas and feelings. It is easier and more comfortable to share and express oneself in a positive and uplifting environment.

It is no secret that laughter is one of the best cures for bouts of depression and misery. It helps us to lift our emotional state and give us inner peace. It boosts us emotionally, mentally, and physically. Putting a regular dosage of laughter into your life makes you feel vigorous, young, and full of life. Why settle on being gloomy and miserable when you can laugh your problems away? Embracing humor and laughter helps us to live long and contented lives.
The average human being laughs approximately 15 times on a daily basis. If your score is less, it would be wise to find a way to equal, if not surpass this average. But how do you exactly come up with such a feat? How do you live a life that is full of humor and laughter? A simple way of achieving this would be to immerse and interact with funny, fun-loving people. Enjoy their presence and learn from their approach to living an uplifting life. Be aware and conscious of all the funny little things that you can see all around you, things that you may not have noticed before. Watch funny movies, or better yet, watch funny movies in the company of funny people.

According to Kathleen Lyons, founder of the Society for Ladies Who Laugh Out Loud, life can get serious and ugly, but you can discover funny things in the grimmest situations. Different exercises can be done to increase one’s aptitude towards humor. It can be as simple as letting out a big shout and having a good laugh afterwards, or cracking jokes at the most serious of moments. Doing these things not necessarily forces you to have a sense of humor, but they help in bringing them out.

By simply imagining yourself poking fun at various situations, or trying to laugh at the funny or even not so funny things that have happened to you, you develop a better outlook on life. For those who live their lives too seriously, try to laugh out loud at someone’s jokes.
When you trip, or spill coffee on your blouse, shake your head and laugh. If someone’s looking at you, laugh with them. Find someone who makes you laugh, and make that person laugh too. Laughter can be a vital ingredient in romance; women laugh more in the company of men, and prefer men who can make them laugh. At the same time, a lot of men prefer women who like to laugh, especially at their jokes.

This is another good reason for women who take things too seriously to lighten up and learn to laugh; you might just find your Mr. Right just because of it. Laughing is not a bad habit to have, and the more you do it, the more you reap the benefits.

In this age of the independent, strong woman, with strict deadlines, long work hours and stiff competition, you all want to get ahead. But always remember that you can never enjoy all the success you gain if you don’t know how to laugh. As the saying goes, “don’t take your life too seriously, you’ll never get out of it alive”. A life full of humor is a life full of good health, good people, and a good spirit.

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