Today’s color is green. Green is the color of emeralds, jade, and growing grass. It is the color of growing herbage, foliage, and many vegetables.

Green is associated with envy, jealousy, nature, spring, and carries the social status of money. I think I see a balance there; yes, yes, it is a balance. Freshness, youth, vitality, versus dark feelings and greed.

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How does green make you feel?

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13 thoughts on “Green

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  1. green to me is associated with the heart chakra, and healing, I have a pounamu pendant disc I wear which I adore, and I think of New Zealand as the heart chakra capital of the world because it is so green and lush here, and our stone is pounamu


  2. Thanks for the Green, Debra! Green is the grass when I do my Qi Gong early in the morning, then I look up and see the green trees: dark green firs and now already some light spring green! Unusual this early on the Southern Oregon Coast of the USA.
    Leisa, I love the pounamu stone! It says it is a symbol of Peace also ~ β™₯ Tomas


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