Why We Struggle With Happiness


This is a great article. I can relate to the woman who had no idea what would make her happy. When I started therapy in 2006, I was asked what made me happy? I was blank and then I really started to think and I could not think of a single moment in my life when I was happy. All I could feel was the heaviness of the guilt and pain I had carried for so long. I cried and cried.

Sometimes I still cry. I think it is a good cleansing. Now I look for happiness in each moment. It is a ‘work in progress’.

Hope you enjoy the article:


4 thoughts on “Why We Struggle With Happiness

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  1. Sorry to hear happy is hard for you. Happy has always been easy for me because it’s made of food (I am a total foodie) but it’s taken it’s toll on my physique. Not that I mind, really. Fat and happy is better in my mind than thin and miserable.


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