Random Acts of Kindness (RAK)


Studies show that by promoting random acts of kindness in schools, bully activity is decreased. Do you have any ideas on how to get this implemented in your local schools?



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  1. I think it’s first important for educational administrators to recognize that “random acts” are only random to the recipient – they shouldn’t occur due to a “random whim” that someone has (otherwise, we learn to act upon our “random whims” to bully people as well). School curriculum needs to take into account DAILY exercises of purposeful kindness. People learn kindness and respect, just as they learn anything else, through repetitive exercises. The brain makes synaptic connections more quickly based on what on that to which it’s more commonly been exposed. If children are witnessing violence in many other aspects of their lives (or rudeness or apathy), those connections get made much more readily. Schools have children the majority of the hours in a weekly day. More has to be accomplished than a completely academic focus. Kindness can be worked into the academic curriculum as part of the exercises that children undertake and the collaboration that can be planned. My two favorite teachers in school (1 in elementary & 1 in high school) both promoted kindness and respect in their classrooms, along with a strenous (but exciting) curriculum.


    1. Thank you for your comment. What I found most disturbing when I worked in the school system was the fact that teacher’s and administrators bully the students also. I seen this with my own eyes and it sickened me.


      1. I’m afraid that many ‘authority-type’ professions may attract individuals who feel no control over their own lives, and thus try to control others (education, law enforcement, pastorates) which, unfortunately, makes it more difficult for others within those professions to authentically speak of respect. Media are always quick to highlight the poor examples more than the stellar ones, too, which I personally believe exacerbates the problem.


  2. I believe some schools don’t even care. It’s rare to find individuals that do. The most effective method I have seen, is for parents to teach their children not to stand idly by when they see others getting bullied. Peers have more of an affect on each other than any school official.


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