The Place Within is the Kingdom of Heaven

The Place Within is the Kingdom of Heaven
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The ego is the “apple” in the Adam and Eve story. The fruit that the serpent tempted Adam and Eve with that gave them the ability to see “right” from “wrong” is actually what we today often call the ego. A veil was then placed between us and God and we were given the ego mind; the belief of separateness and of an illusion of “right” and “wrong”.

This veil has been lifted for many in what is being called The Shift, Awakening, consciousness, Rebirth, etc. The Christ, Source, Light, Christ Consciousness is now available to all who follow the path within each of them. But being able to live in this world of separation with the awareness of Oneness seems to be the root of all my struggles. How does one do this? We are told there are tools, in many of the beliefs that are passed down to us in writings and teachings. Yoga, meditation, prayer, fasting, also letting go, having faith, “asking for forgiveness” are a few other tools we can use. No matter what you name it, you will find there are so many ways to say the same thing, but behind the words we use, by using your “ears to hear”, you “feel” or “see” the energy, that it is all the same; oneness. When we have eyes to see this wholeness we can see it in all things around us, in all teachings, books, even the trees whisper this “truth” or energy. You follow this energy and you find balance, Yin and Yang, oneness.

Where we become distant from Source, God, Allah, Higher Self, whatever we choose to “name it”, though by naming it we cause “separation from God”, is when we began believing as we were taught, often passed down from generation to generation, culture to culture, country to country, region to region. We become attached to these beliefs without truly knowing why we believe them, because often these beliefs teach us not to question them or to gain knowledge of “worldly things”, or that other teachings are “heathens’ beliefs”. We then become repetitive in our spiritual practices, often they become unconscious habits, disguised as “faith”, or beliefs, instead of a “knowing”, awareness, or conscious actions of following a flow, the light, a path to source, higher self, God. When we become aware or conscious, we are often able to see the Oneness in our “beliefs”, teachings, etc; we see a common ground. We can then allow others to have their difference and we can then have “beliefs” without attachments, and without the need to be right or to force another to behave the same way as ourselves. Instead, we celebrate the differences and use our talents to do good for one another. Also, we develop the desire to do good for all things, in our Planet, our mother, the earth, for we see that caring for the earth that God created, or that we evolved from, again however you choose to see it, is not some “evil”, “Pagan”, “New Age” thing. A veil is lifted and we begin to see through the added “ego” beliefs that are mixed in the teachings and the writings; we can see Love is found flowing within, no matter what source it came from, be it the bible, Koran, or person standing on the corner shouting to the world. This flow is not named, though we call it “truth”, “light”, “the way”. It is a flow of energy that can be “felt” when you get in the center. When you become whole, you see the “Science” and the “Religion” combined into this wholeness that is complete, an oneness, and a truth.

Do you find yourself having a hard time living with awareness of this flow of energy, and living in the 3D world of wars, hunger, and death? When you see or feel a world of love, abundance and eternal life? How can you live in the one and keep yourself “centered” in the other? This is something we know. We will find the way, the light, the truth, when we follow our breath to that place within us all, when we take our eyes off others and what we think they should or should not be doing and work on being the change that we want to see in the world. We do it by seeing the love not the fear.

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