Daily Prompt: Choose Your Adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your readers invent the conclusion.

Nancy was still at work when she got the phone call. Her brother Ron made the call.
“Nancy, I think Walter just had a heart attack,” Ron said.
Nancy’s heart started beating so fast; she thought she was having a heart attack.
“What happened, Ron? Where is he now? How did this happen?” Nancy popped off the questions quickly; trying to take hold of the situation, trying to maintain control. This was her husband they were talking about!
“Calm down, Nancy. I think Walter will be okay. They are working on him in the emergency room.”
“What emergency room? Where did they take him?” Nancy shot back.
“I’m trying to tell you, if you will just calm down and listen.”
Nancy took several deep breaths and tried to still the anxiety traveling every nerve inside her body.
When she felt calmer, she spoke to her brother again.
“Okay, Ron, I’m feeling calmer now. Just tell me what hospital he is in and you can tell me the details later. I just want to see my husband and know that he is okay.”
“There is a cop, Ralph Turner, do you remember him?”
“Good. He is on his way to pick you up and bring you to the hospital. Okay?”
“Well Ron, I could have driven myself.”
“Not while you are nervous and anxious,” her brother replied.
Nancy sighed. She supposed he was right.
“Okay,” Nancy said into the phone, “I’ll see you there.”
She hug up the phone, slipped it into her purse, shut down her computer, and put all the files she had been working on into a locked drawer. Then she walked up to the front of the office. She saw Ralph pull up to the curb. Before he could get out of his car she turned to the receptionist and said, “Jill, my husband has had a heart attack and I’m going to the hospital now. Please hold all my calls.
Jill nodded and Nancy stepped outside to meet Ralph.
When they reached the hospital, Ralph rushed Nancy into the ER. He told the nurse that she was Walter’s wife.
“I think they have him just about ready to move to a room,” the nurse said taking Nancy’s arm and guiding her toward cubicle C. The nurse drew the curtain back slightly, so Nancy could step inside.
Nancy took one look and put her hands over her mouth to keep from screaming.

Take it and go…..


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  1. -At the sight of the old man with tubes coming from his abdomen. Ralph caught her just in time as she fainted from the mad science horror scene. Luckily, Walter was resting comfotably in the next room.


  2. On the hospital bed, looking very much alive, was her husband. He was hooked up to an IV that pumped a steady stream into his arm. Lying beside him and cuddling close was another woman. Straight black hair, short, and overall looked very similar to Nancy.
    Nancy’s throat constricted. “Walter?” Her voice caught and she immediately hated how she sounded so weak.
    Her husband caught sight of her and at least had the decency to look scared. The other woman gave her a once-over and a smirk appeared on her bright red lips.
    “Honey – ” Walter started.
    Nancy curled her lip. “How long has this been going on?”
    “How long have you been seeing her?” she shrieked, finally losing it.
    “Six months,” he said. Nancy swore she saw his arm around that woman tighten.
    She exhaled a long breath and pushed her shoulders back. She wasn’t going to be the pathetic woman who threw herself at a taken man. That was the difference between herself and the other woman.
    Nancy stepped closer to her husband and gave him one last look. The eyes that stared up at her held just a hint of regret. Regret over getting caught.
    In one swift movement, Nancy unhooked his IV and let it fall to the ground. Ignoring the other woman’s screams, she stepped around the bed and left the man who had once told her that she was his whole life.



  3. She didn’t mean to make such a commotion but her coulrophobia kicked into high gear upon seeing her husband. She never would have guessed he had been moonlighting as a clown. How long had he been hiding this from her?


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