Daily Prompt: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

I came across one of these on pinterest about a year ago. I fell in love.

Archipod Eco-Friendly Garden Office Pod




Quite possibly the perfect home office, Acrhipod’s garden pod provides an eco-friendly office solution for any residence.

This stylish prefabricated office pod was designed as a tranquil work space, and is the first of a range that the design team at Archipod plans to produce. The pod is constructed from a curved plywood structural box that has been finished with fiberglass/plasterboard on the inside, while western red cedar shingles line the entire outside of the pod. A top hinged gull-winged door opens up to well lit space thanks to the use of several round windows, and a dome skylight. The inside is equipped with a semicircular desk that is offered in a variety of color options, while a timber floor provides the finishing touches.

Of course, I would want mine larger. Maybe a 4-room pod; one for my office, one for a garden/sun room with comfy chairs, one with lots of shelving for a library, and one for a playroom.

I could work while my grandchildren played. We could pick a book from the library and sit in the garden/sun room to read it. So many grand ideas are rushing through my mind.

I would set it up near the lake, so the grandchildren could play in the water and I could keep an eye on them from my office. Oh please Genie, I want it now!



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