Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish.

Let’s begin by talking about ready. Are we ready? Are we ready for what? Writing? Do we have pen and paper? Do you use your trusty computer? Are we adjusted, equipped, and organized? Then we are fixed, primed, and ready.

Ready and set? Are we agreed, arranged, and certain? Are we determined, established, locked in? Are we resolute, settled, solid as a rock? Then it’s all systems go!

Ready, set, go! We are activated, energized, cruising. We are flying, moving, making progress. We are running, skipping, traveling. Wow! Watch us go. We are writer’s writing; morning, day, and night. Our frontal and temporal lobes are working. Our neurons and axons are communicating. Our neurotransmitters are sending messages to each other across the synaptic gap.

I hope you ate your blueberries, salmon, nuts, flax seed, avocados, eggs, broccoli, chocolate, and whole grains today. Oh, and make sure you drink your coffee.




8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go

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  1. “blueberries, salmon, nuts, flax seed, avocados, eggs, broccoli, chocolate, and whole grains” sounds like an ideal day. I’m coming over for dinner.


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