Balancing Meditation

Balancing Meditation by D. B. Mauldin

Mother Earth is a feminine source of stability, nurturing, balancing, and healing. She provides us with water, food, and medicine. What have we provided for her? She has been sorely abused, and needs healing, nurturing, and stabilization. The balance of nature has been destroyed.  People have become aggressive, anxious, confused, depressed, greedy, lame, oppressed, tired, and vain.  Together we can bring balance back.

We must begin with ourselves. Once we are balanced we can help each other locally, then globally, and hopefully bring peace to all the World. Most of us know that there is an awakening happening and we are shifting toward One Consciousness.  Many have awakened, many are awakening, and many are still asleep.  People are feeling the shift.  Some are feeling overwhelmed with joy, some are confused, and many are depressed.

We must bring back the balance to help the cycle of change along it’s course and we must begin with ourselves.  Look deep inside; listen to what your body is saying to you.  Are you feeling anxious, confused, depressed, sick, or tired?  Listen.  Listen deep within.


Relax.  Relax into Mother Earth.  Blend and become one with her.  Listen to her heartbeat.  Listen as her heartbeat and yours become as one.  Smell the scent of her soil.  Allow it to intoxicate your soul.  Feel the warmth of her soil.  Relax into the warmth.  Allow all of your emotions and ailments to flow to the center of Mother Earth.  Know that she is your healer.  Allow her to nurture you.  Send her love.  Let her know that you are grateful.  Stay here as long as you need.  Relax and let Mother Earth do her work.  Share with her.  Tell her all your troubles.  Share your tears; your laughter.  Relax, release, and feel Mother Earth bring you back into balance.

When you feel ready give thanks to Mother Earth and send back all the nurturing, balancing, and healing energy.  Feel it begin to pulse back and forth between you and Mother Earth.  Picture the energy as an umbilical cord that connects you to her.  Know that nurturing, balancing, and healing energies are flowing with love and that it will always be so.  Slowly come back to yourself, but keep the connection.

You may feel the need to repeat this meditation often, but eventually you will be balanced enough to start passing your loving energies on to others and help them connect to Mother Earth.

I will post a masculine meditation, soon, to help bring you, Mother Earth, and all the World into better balance.  In the meantime, you might like to visit some of the websites listed below to learn more about the shift and the awakening to one consciousness.  If you find something that resonates within you, please let me know.

Blessings to All.

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  1. I love this, Dmauldin. I have never meditated and tried to connect with mother earth although i have connected with her in other ways. I will try this tonight. Thank you for sharing this much needed form of reconnecting with Gaia. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo


    1. Thank you. I pray that this meditation will allow you to reconnect to Gaia. You may need to do this meditation often, but eventually you will feel a strong connection and unbreakable bond with her.


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