Small Stone – Day 10

My grandchildren have helped me fall in love with the world again. Viewing the world through their little eyes; the innocence, love, simplicity, and awe. It fills their little faces and lights up my world. Watching three of my granddaughters coming into the world is beyond words. Cutting the cord on the second one is indescribable. Seeing my grandson after he was born, feeling so humbled yet full of joy.  Meeting my other granddaughter brought protective, loving, and caring feelings. She took right to me at around 20 months of age. As long as I had food in my hand that is! Still brings a smile to my face when I think about it.

They are all so special in their own unique ways. Watching them grow is a delight. Feeling their arms around me is a delight.  Feeling their little lips giving me a kiss is a delight. Just hearing their voices is a delight.

My oldest granddaughter was born on the ‘Day of Light’ and is truly the light of my world. She has small features that give her an impish look and flits around like a little fairy.

Granddaughter number two was born near St. Patrick’s Day and I call her my little elf. She shines like a pot of gold.

Then there’s the grandson born in June. He took to the water when he was little and now swims like a fish.  He is all boy and if he isn’t swimming, he’s throwing rocks into the lake.

Next would be my granddaughter that was brought into our lives about a year ago. She is shy, sassy, and girly. She doesn’t like to get her hands or her clothes dirty.

The youngest was also born near St. Patrick’s Day. It is a delight to watch her personality grow as she nears the age of two. She is a mixture of her two older sisters, plus a twist of herself. She is going to be amazing, perhaps the most impish of all.

Then there is the one yet to be born, but already holding a special place in my heart. This one will be a miracle baby, be it boy or girl.

So there you have it, the delicious delights and eternal lights of this MeeMaw’s world.

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      1. Sorry I misunderstood. Yes, grandparents are wonderful and very much missed. I always considered myself lucky to have had all 4 of my grandparents living until I was in my 30’s. Today, in my 50’s, I still have one grandmother living. I say a prayer of thanks for her everyday.


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