Small Stone – Day 10

My grandchildren have helped me fall in love with the world again. Viewing the world through their little eyes; the innocence, love, simplicity, and awe. It fills their little faces and lights up my world. Watching three of my granddaughters coming into the world is beyond words. Cutting the cord on the second one is... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: 32 Flavors

Vanilla, chocolate, or something else entirely? I'm going to do this as an ice cream flavors alphabetical list and see what I come up with. 1. Almond 2. Almond-Vanilla 3. Banana 4. Banana-Split 5. Banana- Vanilla 6. Black Walnut 7. Blueberry 8. Bunny Tracks 8. Cherry-Vanilla 9. Chocolate 10. Chocolate Mint 11. Chocolate-Mousse 12. Chocolate-Strawberry-Vanilla... Continue Reading →

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