Small Stone – Day 8

January 8, 2013

I have a confession to make. I have an indulgence and indulge I do. “Blue Bunny” makes a delicious ‘No Sugar Added’ “Bunny Tracks” Ice Cream! The creamy smoothness of vanilla ice cream with a touch of caramel sauce, full of crunchy chocolate covered peanuts plus peanut butter filled chocolate bunnies. A delight to my senses and it is sugar free! Of course, I still have to watch the carbohydrates, but it is such a joy to satisfy my sweet tooth with something sugar free, I barely notice.

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10 thoughts on “Small Stone – Day 8

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  1. I love me some “Blue Bunny”. Their red velvet cake ice cream is to die for. I get it whenever I head out to Walmart (which isn’t that often). I wish they carried that brand in stores closer to me…


      1. Sorry I’ve never checked to see what flavors come in the sugar-free variety. You think I would have, I always used to buy my gram her sugar-free ice cream but she was boring. She only liked chocolate.


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