Small Stone, Day 5

January 5, 2013

I just filled my bird feeders for the first time this year. It finally felt warm enough to venture outdoors a bit and it wasn’t raining, a big plus.

When I made it back into the warmth of my home, I noticed a little bird, probably a carolina wren, flitting about one of the feeders.

He fluttered about, got something to eat, and flew away with it, only to return back to the feeder again.

My little feathered friend must have finally got enough. 

He has disappeared again, but I see eurasian doves on the ground snipping up bits and pieces where they fell.  I saw a bluejay fly by without stopping.  Just checking it out, I guess.  He will be back soon and start bullying the little brown carolina wrens.

9 thoughts on “Small Stone, Day 5

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  1. My bird bath and bird feeder is a constant source of joy to me as I watch my feathered friends coming and going.. Yesterday the temperature was really high here and the birds all came, gulping thirstily from the bird bath.. It’s such a pleasure to watch. 🙂


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