Chakra Meditation

Daily Chakra Meditation by D.B. Mauldin

I perform a chakra meditation every day.  This meditation is performed to bring peace to myself, my family, my friends, and every single person on the planet.

To begin, I lie on my back, arms at my side, with palms facing upward.  I still the thoughts flitting through my mind until I can fully participate in this meditation. I try to relax all muscles that I can, sometimes that doesn’t come until later.  I picture the healing, protecting white light of the Creator.  I feel it enter my crown chakra, my third eye chakra, my throat chakra, my heart chakra, my solar plexus chakra, my sacral chakra, my root chakra, and feel it flow throughout my chakras to join with the roots emerging from my feet, and travel deep into the center of Gaia.

The healing, protecting white light of the Creator blends with the balancing, cleansing, and healing properties contained in Gaia and flows up through the bottom of my feet, up my legs, and joins with my root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, third eye chakra, and finally the crown chakra.  I then send it out to all my family, my friends, my acquaintances, and on to each and every person on the planet where it rises into a cone of light that returns to Creator.  Creator sends it back out to every person on the earth, my acquaintances, my friends, my family, and back through my crown chakra where it flows down through all my chakras to join with the roots into Gaia, joins with her attributes and flows back up and out again returning to Creator.  The process continues several times, until I feel fully balanced, cleansed, healed, and protected.  I imagine all peoples on Earth pulsing with this same light, becoming one and ascending as one consciousness back into Creator.

I see this as the beginning of the shift to peace and it began for me several months ago.  At the end of the chakra meditation, I pull my awareness back into myself and concentrate on relaxing each muscle in my body until I feel completely relaxed.  Sometimes I fall asleep during this process and sometimes I feel fully regenerated.  What I do gain each and every time is a deeper feeling of peace within myself.

I can see the peace working in my family and my friends.  I feel that it is reaching my acquaintances and each person on Earth.  I know that some are awakening and some are getting closer to awakening.

Try this Chakra Meditation sometimes and see if it rings true for you.

Happy New Year!


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  1. D.B.
    This is beautiful. What a wonderful daily practice. Thank you for gifting this positive energy for peace to all humankind. I do a similar type of meditation, but i do not specifically focus on the chakras. I love how you combine the energy of gaia and the Creator to bring peace to all.

    I did not see your post in B4Peace topics. WordPress has some sort of glitch that if you put too many (more than 10 or 11) tags on your post, it does not always show up in the reader. I would hate to miss another one of your posts because it did not show up in the Reader.

    Thank you for contributing to peace.


    1. Thank you for your words. I started working on my chakras about 6 months ago. A couple of them were completely blocked. As the chakras were healed and opened, I felt them begin to pulse with energy, and it came to me what to do. Inner Peace is something I have sought for a long time and once I began to feel at Peace with myself it just seemed natural to join this Peace with all. It is my way of working in the One Consciousness that will come together as people are awakened to the new shift to Peace.
      I will see if I can edit it and get it to show up. Let me know if it works.


      1. Nothing, dmauldin. I just wasn’t sure if you were replying to the Monthly Challenge Post or if you were in for the whole year. Welcome aboard. Thank you for joining us in this movement.


  2. Thank you for allowing me to join this movement. I look forward to a year of growing Peace for the entire world!
    Did my post go through to your page after I deleted some of the tags?


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