Christmas Cookies Blog, Part One

First of all let me say that it takes me awhile in the mornings to get going. (I would love to hear from others who are slow to get going in the mornings.)  Second, let me say I’m a big procrastinator and often put things off to the last moment. (Any other procrastinators?)  Thus, I’m fresh out of the shower and still in my house-dress. Third, let me say that I’m all about family, family traditions, completely full of traditions I want to pass on and start with my grandchildren.  Fourth, I can’t remember s**t anymore. (Anybody else have memory problems?)

I cannot exactly say when I first started the Christmas Cookie tradition with my two oldest granddaughters.  I think it was when the oldest was 4 and the next oldest was 2.  I wanted to give my granddaughters some of the memories my grandmothers passed on to me. 

We have performed the Christmas Cookie Tradition every year, except one when I was in the hospital during Christmas.

Today, my husband will drive me the 55 miles to get to my oldest daughter’s home and I will make Christmas Cookies with my two oldest granddaughters, once again.  I’m thankful!

Christmas Cookies Blog, Part Two will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for reading this rushed rambling of mine. 🙂  Off to get dressed now and begin the journey.



5 thoughts on “Christmas Cookies Blog, Part One

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  1. I think its wonderful that you have started a Christmas Tradition for your grandchildren..there aren’t enough sacred rituals in the world…have fun.

    Oh and I always start my day at a leisurley pace with a cuppa earl grey and a peruse of blogs 🙂


  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. I enjoyed reading yours. I think you’re very brave, persistent and have a wonderful sense of humour. I, too, am slower to get moving in the morning and, increasingly, can’t remember -hit! LOL. That’s why I rely on my BlackBerry notepad where I make my ‘to do’ lists. I’m also a new blogger and am still finding my way. I’ll be back for another visit. Merry Christmas to you. — Angelina


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