My 2012 by the Months

My 2012 by the Months


  My mother, youngest daughter, and my paternal grandmother had birthdays this month.  I’m still in a fog, but am now at the point of thinking of some things to do with my life.


  My oldest granddaughter had a birthday this month.  I started an Aromatherapy Information blog and worked on getting a facebook page set up for it.


  Two more of my granddaughters had birthdays.  I was still working on my blog and getting frustrated because I was getting no followers and couldn’t figure out the intricacies of setting up a facebook page.


  This was a lucky month for me.  I ran across a friend that I had not been in contact with for several years.  We became close again by phone, facebook, and her visits to my home.  Her life was taking a turn, also, and she helped to pull me further from the fog.


  May has long been my favorite month of the year.  Spring is in full swing and you can feel summer looming ahead.  I love to garden and plant vegetables, herbs, and flowers.  This year I was unable to do very much gardening, due to increasingly bad health.  The pleasure had been replaced by pain.  I had another birthday.


  My grandson had a birthday this month.  My husband works for our local school system and gets summers off, so we always get our grandson, who lives 265 miles away, for two weeks.  We always have a birthday party for him here, so that all the relatives can come.  Usually it is a relaxing time for all.  We swim and play in the lake, eat birthday cake, open presents, and watch the children play.  This year however, my oldest daughter chose to make a scene, by whisking up her 3 daughters and driving away, as soon as my youngest daughter and her boyfriend drove in bringing along his 2 year old daughter.  Seems my oldest daughter did not approve of her youngest sister’s boyfriend.


  Still reeling from my oldest daughter’s actions and the rift it had caused between two of my daughter’s, I tried to stay busy this month, so that I had no time to fret and worry over the matter.  I went back to one of my other loves, genealogy.  I’ve worked on my family genealogy, off and on, for close to 20 years.  Now I buried myself in it with fervor and found that I still loved it.  I started putting some of my research on paper in book form.  My dad also celebrated a birthday this month, along with another granddaughter.


  Both my oldest and middle daughters had birthdays this month, along with my friend.  I was still immersed in my genealogy and thinking about launching a Family Genealogist & Researcher business.  I was busy getting together everything I needed, learning, and reading everything I could get my hands on about becoming a certified genealogist. 


  My husband had a birthday this month.  Now that he was back at work, I had more time to work on genealogy.  I was wondering if I would enjoy working on someone else’s genealogy as much as I did mine.  My friend’s mother needed help with her genealogy, so I volunteered to do it for free just to see if I was going to enjoy working on someone else’s genealogy like I did mine.  Plus I would have a reference.


  It was somewhere within this month that I started journaling again.  As far back as I can remember I had journaled every day, sometime 2 or 3 times a day.  I hadn’t journaled regularly for several years and felt the need drawing me back.  Journaling led me back to yet another love, writing.  I had some poems in print from my high school years, and had started a novel around 18 years ago, but life always got in the way.  The novel lived on in my head, however, and began to pound at me to be let out. 


  This month was spent finding and taking writing lessons on-line.  Things started to come back to me.  I wrote short stories from lesson prompts, poems from lesson prompts, and worked on my novel here and there.


  I feel that I am finally where I belonged all along.  The thoughts and stories just keep coming.  My wings are opening a bit and soon I will be flying again.  I have entered some short stories in contests and still await the results.  I enjoy all the feedback I receive and am learning more and more every day.  This month I found and started a blog at  Writing is starting to wind-down as preparations for the Holiday Season takes over, but I feel good about what I have accomplished and look forward to 2013 and all the promise it beholds.

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